The Cold Shower Challenge

Back in 2015, I decided to take part in a cold shower challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the challenge, it’s pretty straight forward. Only take cold showers for 30 days straight.

During the challenge, I shot this video to provide my insights and take-a-ways.

Today I take about 6-10 cold showers per week. It’s now part of my habit, and most people think I’m crazy…but it’s awesome. I feel so much more alive and it reminds me that if I can take a freezing cold shower (especially in the winter) than I can do anything.

Through my mentoring and leadership work with millennials and organizations, I have found that most people are looking at the millennials generation (or all generations) the wrong way.

As the millennials generation is becoming more and more important to understand, we have to start asking ourselves the right questions and developing the right solutions.

When we do this, it will begin to make our cultures stronger, our relationships deeper, and our businesses more profitable.

Here is a glimpse into my work at Ignite DFW.

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