How to Find Fulfillment When Your Company Doesn’t Give a Sh*t

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, your company doesn’t care if you are happy or not. Companies and organizations simply aren’t built that way. They are built to return profit to their shareholders or owners, not to make you feel good. That’s why finding happiness and fulfillment at work is so hard: It’s up to you to build a great career that you love.

Man working hard at restaurant
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When You Should Say “No” to a Promotion

The days of taking a job promotion just to move up the corporate ladder are over. People everywhere are turning down more money in return for a better life. And while a promotion could be a great move for your career, it might not always be the right one. So before you order new business cards, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to move up, and when it’s not. 

Young Professional just said no to a job promotion
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The Simple Answer to Being Happier At Work

All of the self-help books, seminars, and courses can be dumbed down into one single goal: Be happier. So why is it that most of us are stuck in miserable, life-sucking jobs with no end in sight? Despite their simplicity, happiness and fulfillment at work aren’t as easy as Justin Timberlake makes it look.

Happy Barista at Coffee Counter
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6 Ways to Fall Back In Love With Your Job

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Close your eyes. Flashback to your first day of your job. It was an exciting time in your career. There were endless opportunities in front of you, so you made a commitment to stand out, to make a difference, and to really crush this new job. Slowly but surely, however, obstacles kicked in that you didn’t expect, or maybe your boss wasn’t as friendly as you had hoped. That optimistic attitude you started with suddenly isn’t so positive anymore.

Man Holding a Heart

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Confused about your career? Good! Now do this…

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In a world where we’re all pressured into knowing exactly what we should be doing for work, it’s easy to get disappointed when you feel confused about your career. Your social media feed is full of other people getting job promotions or taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, you’re stuck wondering what to do next. While you may be thinking that being confused is a bad thing, it’s probably exactly what you need to create a breakthrough.

Confused Business People

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3 Things Everyone Should Do Before 8am

A simple morning strategy to getting more done during your day

You have no less than a billion things to do throughout your day: projects to get done, assignments to submit, and people to manage. Chaos is a good thing. It means you’re getting stuff done. But if you’re not 100% prepared for this chaos, it can easily spiral out of control. That’s why, no matter what you’re up to in life, having a healthy morning routine is crucial to your success.

Fat Guy Stretching

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My 130 Minute Morning Routine

How I set myself up for success each day

Your day is defined by your morning routine, so having a positive routine is critical to your success. I have been tweaking and fine tuning my morning routine for a couple of years now, and have finally found one that works (for now). Here is what that routine looks like for me. 

Morning Routine 2017

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