How to Advance Your Career During the Holidays (While Still Enjoying Yourself)

December is truly the forgotten month. You’re fresh off a Thanksgiving feast and most likely a shopping hangover. By the time December 20th rolls around, you are well into your holiday festivities and getting ready to celebrate the New Year. Before you know it, January is here.

Busy working on his career during the holidays

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The 6 Habits You Need to Thrive in Corporate America

Whether we like it or not, over half of Americans work for corporations these days. I say “like it or not” because 70% of these workers are considered unengaged and quite frankly, unhappy. Now, I’m not sure where you lie in these statistics, but since you are reading this post, I will assume you are somewhere in the majority. That means you are looking to improve the quality of your work life. And you’re not alone. If we are to build careers that we love, it starts with taking accountability for our happiness, and learning how to thrive in Corporate America.

Satisfied With Work

I recently hit my 5 year anniversary of graduating college and working in the professional world. During this time I have worked for some of the biggest companies and biggest brands.

Through my short experience in the corporate world, I have noticed a few things that have already begun to change. You may have seen this too.

People like Arianna Huffington, CEO of The Huffington Post are leading the way for working less and sleeping more, and tech companies are pushing the limits to benefits offered .

Work is now becoming more of a life experience, as opposed to your life being your work.

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Too Many Choices, Just The Right Amount of Time

You make thousands of choices every day. What you eat, who you text, what Netflix show you binge-watch—you are constantly evaluating and making decisions. Although these choices may seem insignificant, making choices has never been more difficult than it is today. With so many options available, and big consequences on the line, it’s becoming harder to be confident in the choices you make.

Millennial Choices

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  1. Hard Work & Patience by Gary Vaynerchuck – Are you struggling to find the motivation to work hard every day? Watch this video every morning for a week and I guarantee you will be getting your ass up and moving by the end of it. I use motivational and inspirational videos like this on a daily basis because it gives me the extra little kick to get my butt moving. Gary is the man and this is an awesome video – check it out!
  2. The Slight Edge – You only become complacent when you accept things for as they are and don’t do anything about it. Unfortunately (and fortunately) there is no such thing as an overnight success, so you will have to work every single day in order to reach your goal. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard. Pick up a copy of this book (The Slight Edge) and master the principles of improving your daily rituals and routines in order to find huge gains in the long term. It doesn’t take much, just a daily commitment to getting better.  This book really helped me and I know it can help you.
  3. StrengthsFinder 2.0 – In order to start focusing on the ‘right things’, it’s time you understood what those right things are. If you don’t know what you should be focusing on, it’s like driving with no map. StrengthsFinder is one of the most researched personal assessment in the world, and one of the most used as well. By understanding and choosing to focus on your strengths, you will far outperform those who continually try to improve things outside of their control. Take the test, and use the resources in this book – it will help you become more focused and more patient in the process.

I highly recommend any and all of these resources to help you become a better leader and more patient in the process.

After you’ve gone through these and you are still feeling like you need help, contact me. I have a couple of spots open for my mentorship program right now, which would give you an individualized plan so you can get over the obstacles and success at whatever you are looking to win at. If you are even just the least bit interested, you can reach me directly at

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Crush it on LinkedIn

You joined LinkedIn. You put up your first picture, updated where you went to school, and included where you work – so now what? LinkedIn can be overwhelming and seemlingly unimportant, but let me show you how important it can be for your career. Especailly when it can give you the carrer you are looking for.

LinkedIn on iPhone

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