Mindless Eating

Mindless Eating

Living a healthy life isn’t easy these days. We have an abundance of options when it comes to food, and most of our decisions are based on the latest ad campaigns.

Our environment sets us up for failure, but as we become more aware of our surroundings, we can begin to change our environment so it encourages a healthy life.

In Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink breaks down what it means to mindlessly eat through a series of in-depth research projects and fascinating studies.

He argues that we can change our environment to help us live in what he calls the “Mindless Margin.” This is the place where we don’t know that we are eating healthier. We gradually make small changes which, over time, lead to big health wins.

He goes on to point out that when we are eating way less or way more, we notice, but when we are eating only slightly less or slightly more, we don’t pay any attention.

One of my favorite ideas he gave was taken from an old Okinawan concept called Hara Hachi Bu. The idea is to stop eating when you are 80% full. This allows your body to process your food (which can take up to 20 minutes), rather than gulp down more than you need and end up being uncomfortably full.

Personally, I tend to wolf down everything that’s on my plate, instead of stopping when I’m full. Tricks like these are littered through each chapter of the book and are super simple to apply without much effort.

After all – the best diet is the one we don’t know we are on.

Pick up this book. It’s really interesting, entertaining, and provides a ton of helpful tips for eating better.

Who This Book Is For:

Anyone who is interested in eating healthier and creating better eating habits.

Favorite Quote:

Food is a great pleasure in our life – not something we should compromise. We simply need to shift our surroundings to work with our lifestyle instead of against it.”

Unofficial Rating: 7.6/10

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